The Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion has opened a new chapter in her church life. At the instance of the Primate, Metropolitan and Archbishop, of Church of Nigeria, Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh a special convocation of Chancellors, Registrars and Legal Officers of the Communion is to hold at Basilica of Grace, Gudu District, Apo, Abuja from 9th – 11th August, 2011.

This epock making event anchored for the first time is being co-ordinated effectively by the unassuming and indefatigable, Church of Nigeria Registrar, Barr Abraham Yisa.

Lectures slated at this maiden conference include but not limited to the following: The History of the Communion and the Place of Canterbury, GAFCON and the future of the Communion, Global view of the Anglican Communion, Instrument of Unity and the Legal Structure, The Canon Law, The Relationship between the Bishop and his Legal Officers among others.

Because of the importance the Communion attaches to this maiden conference, persons to take up the lectures were drawn from the House of Bishops and the Legal arm of the church. Notable among them are: The Most Rev. Emmanuel Egbunu, Rt. Rev. Dapo Asaju, Hon. Justice B. O. Ogunade, Rt. Rev. M. O. Fape, Rt. Rev. Israel Amoo, Rt. Rev. P. O. J. Imasuen, Hon. Justice Emmanuel Njemanze and Prof. Ilochi Okafor (SAN).

It is interesting to note that different sessions at the conference were to be chaired by these church fathers: Most Rev. Peter Jasper Akinola (Rtd), Most Rev. Ephraim Ademowo – Dean of Church of Nigeria. At least the conference will draw heavily from the wealth of experiences of these church fathers.

Fortunately too, the Primate Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh is expected to give a key note address at the conference to enable this maiden conference to be in tune with the active and ministerial stand of Church of Nigeria. I think no time is better than now as our countrymen and women are desirous to be guided spiritually and legally as they lead their lives under God.

However, Barr. Yisa is full of optimism that this convocation will rekindle to the glory of God a new spirit in the legal arm of the church as they labour and serve God and humanity in different capacities. Robbing minds together is commendable at this level and at this time to ensure that the church of God receives the best legal services and pastoral guidance it requires.

And so, as the Chancellors, Registrars and Legal Officers of the Communion travel from the length and breadth of this country to attend this all important event in Abuja, we pray God to grant them safe arrival, fruitful and useful deliberations at the conference.

To all the legal conferees we therefore sincerely say: WELCOME.


Ven. Ernest Onuoha

Rector, Ibru International Ecumenical Retreat Centre,


Delta State.




  1. I’ve never had to address cummonion with my daughter before, as she’s always been in the nursery or childrens’ church during it. However, this past Sunday, they brought the kids in from childrens’ church (w/o warning the parents they were going to do so), so I had to quietly explain to my daughter that she wasn’t old enough yet to have any. Though she has trust Christ as her Savior, I feel it is best to have her wait til she’s a bit older (probably around age 5, as that is also when I was allowed to start) to partake in cummonion. The issue came up again today at Aldi, when I bought some oyster crackers (what our church uses for the bread). I had an opportunity to then explain to her what cummonion is about and why I wanted her to wait. Communion and baptism are both important to observe, but I feel it is best to have my children be able to explain WHY to me before allowing them to blindly observe them.Ashley Pichea recently posted..

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