Mike Murdock: “if Satan can steal your finances, he can paralyze your dreams”. We have scores of people who over time from different fields of human endeavour allowed themselves and their resources to be made use by God. one of such men is Dr. Alex Uruemu Ibru. Here in is published his Theophany, … I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision”. Acts 26:19 read on:

Before Abraham obeyed God to go on a journey, as wealthy as he was then, he had A VISION of God’s call. This private and personal call of God to Abraham came to involve his wife, family and clan (see Genesis 12:1-5).

Before Moses set out to lead the people of Israel from slavery and poverty in Egypt out into the freedom of the promised and fertile land, he (Moses) had A VISION when God spoke to him (See Exodus 3:1-10).

Before the people of Israel were reprimanded by God because of their misuse of God’s given gifts in politics, commerce and religion, Samuel had A VISION where God declared His will for the nation (See I Samuel 3:1-21).

Before David’s plan to build a temple for the Lord, a plan that was called to a halt, Nathan the prophet had A VISION where God told him to stop David from undertaking this project which God reserved for David’s son (See 2 Sam. 7:1-17).

Before Solomon (David’s son) became a successful king, built a temple for God, restored the battered economy of the people of Israel, he (Solomon) had A VISION where God asked him to make a request, to which Solomon’s response was to ask for wisdom (See I Kings 3:1-15).

Before Nehemiah, being worried about the devastated poverty of the people of Jerusalem, became courageous to do something to alleviate the suffering of his people by rebuilding the city and establishing good government, he had A VISION where “he was inspired by God to carry out his good intentions,” (See Nehemiah 2:11).

Before Saul, the great philosopher and Jewish Rabbi, wealthy in learning and knowledge became a great missionary, proclaiming that Jesus is Lord which revolutionized lives and kingdoms, he (Paul) had A VISION of Christ to serve him (See Acts 9:1-19, 22:6-16 and 26:12-20).

Before anyone can do any task for God and remain faithful to that, the person has to have a vision of God and His priorities. Amos 3:7 declares, “Almighty God never does anything without revealing His plans to His servants.”

Today, we are gathered to celebrate this God who still appears to His servants in this world in visions. On a day like this some ten (10) years ago, God appeared to me his slave Mr. Alex Uruemu Ibru, calling me to use my God given wealth to serve the needy. This vision was the inspiration that led to the establishment of the Ibru Centre. To God be the glory. May this vision spread to all nook and corners of Nigeria and even beyond for a better humanity.

God has called me Alex Uruemu Ibru today. May He continue to call others also in similar ways to serve the poor, to think for the well being of all whether we are in the government or private sector, and to restructure our priorities in life to be Godly. May my vision be passed on from generation to generation, inclusive of my immediate family and may God in all things be glorified.

I am standing before you today to declare this vision and to testify publicly that, using the exact words of St. Paul, “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision (Acts 26:19) “ – this is why The Ibru Centre.

May God bless us all in His Service, here at The Ibru Centre, and wherever we serve Him. Amen.

We have wide range of Godly projects requiring the attention and resources of God’s children. Only LOOK, LISTEN AND CARE.

God surely shall direct you or your family this year to take up a project in your community or church in order to affect lives for good. You can also do a seed-offering to support the work of God. Unlock yourself into abundance, fruitfulness and release into your future. Giving in support of God’s work or his children will take you to an unimaginable height. Just try it, it works. Note: “it is not a vain thing to serve God. There is a priceless reward for those who devote their lives to His service”. (Ellen White).

Ven. Ernest Onuoha

Rector, Ibru International Ecumenical Retreat Centre,


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