The Come – Ye – Apart group was at the Ibru International Centre during the weekend (22nd to 24th October, 2010). The group is an interdenominational prayer ministry. They came in reminiscence of Christ saying in Mark 6:31, “come-ye-yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while”. They came to this quiet centre for their fasting and prayer programme to seek the face of God and to ask for His mercies in their lives.

Participants were mostly young people and from all walks of life. They came from places such as Ibadan, Benin, Warri and other parts of the country. A few of them travelled from Malaysia to attend the programme. Their co-ordinators were Dr. Isehunwa O., Pastor Bumi Kolawole, Rev. Francis Jemirieyegbe, Bro. Stephen Adewole, Pastor Tunde Martins, among others.

The theme of their retreat was, “On the Mountain of the Lord” Gen 22. Highlights of their messages on the theme were (1) that one need to have a right perspective of God when on the mountain (2) that the glory of God settles on one when on the mountain (3) that when one comes down from the mountain, all “golden calves” must be destroyed like Moses did and (5) that on the mountain of God there is provision.

The group prayed for Nigeria at her Jubilee that God should bless the nation and that God alone should devise a way to do away with bad and evil rulers. He should identify leaders with good intentions and enthrone them. They also prayed that God should make it possible for the one man, one vote to work out for the country.

Other features of the retreat were meditations, praises, teachings based on the theme and prayers. They prayed for the Church and her leaders, friends and personal needs.

In an interview, the organizers of the group expressed satisfaction at the facilities in the centre and the services they enjoyed. According to them, they have held similar retreats at other places, but have not seen any as good and well organized like the Ibru International Centre – Agbarha-Otor.

They rounded off the retreat with a Communion Service on Sunday, October 24, 2010 at the St. Peter’s Chapel in the Centre.

In a brief exhortation during the service, Bro Stephen Adewole expantiated on the perspective of the mount. He said healing, blessings, prosperity and breakthroughs all abound on the mountain. He enjoined members to depart the mount of the Lord resolved to live a holy and godly lives so that the blessings of the mount will manifest in their lives. He told them to shun sinful lives.

Participants left the centre satisfied and happy with the expression on their faces that God will do greater things in their lives. They attested to the fact that Ibru International Centre is indeed a choice place for retreats.

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