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To remember is to be able to bring to one’s mind or calling from memory someone or something from the past. It is a thing you cannot just easily forget. To the Christian, God should be remembered because He is the creator and ruler of the universe: Gen 1:1 ff, He is the Supreme Being, in whom he moves, lives and has his being. He is the father of our Lord Jesus Christ and the father of us all. Outside Him, life is meaningless.

When we refer to zero hour, it means a time of reality, naked truth, at this hour there may be pain, anguish and suffering but there is no attempt for cover-up. Truly, many may experience low moment in life at one time or the other. As such zero hours, questions could be thrown up: Why me? How can I believe in God and yet have chains of woes? Such as: sudden sickness, failure in business, childlessness, challenges in marriage, bankruptcy, challenge of terminal disease, acquisition of grievous offense, no suitors for our marriageable daughters, challenge of unemployment for our young ones, demonic attack/influence and death of a loved one among others.

At zero hour, the important thing is not to be bitter or to doubt the existence of God. Those who doubt the existence of God, the Psalmist will call them fools (Psalm 14:1, 53:1). I don’t think God is evil. The scripture says of Him: He loved us and gave us His only son. John 3:16. But let it be noted however that life is not a problem free world. In life we have challenges, ups and downs. When they come our way, we should not lose sight of God. it is possible our hour of release or breakthrough may be around the corner if we do not lose hope.

The Zulus, a tribe in South Africa at a time it was said of them that when someone dies the men were not expected to weep, no matter happens. But at a point in time, a particular king lost his dear son and at the funeral, hot tears dropped from his eyes. Ofcourse, it was a shock and a violation of a sort. This invariably should attract a sanction. But when the king was confronted by a close confidant he replied: “Elyphus, things are not as they ought to be”. Impliedly, at zero hour tears could run unquenchably. Let us read meditatively Psalm 6:1-6 and noting particularly verse 6. The scripture was right for it says: ‘weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning’ (Ps. 30:5).

We can now appreciate better the situation of the biblical Job, a good man, who later found himself in a very pitiable state. According to Job 3:1-26, we saw him cursing his conception and subsequent birth. He could not understand why his mother allowed him in the first place to live. What was his state? – Sudden loss of health, demonic attack by the devil. Read Job 2:1-10. To show his pitiable state, the visit by his three friends was that of shock and unbelief. For seven days they could not utter a word. Indeed, Job was in deep pain and anguish. Job 2:11-end. Job really was at his zero hour. But thank God this suffering man later came to a sudden conclusion: “I know my redeemer liveth” Job 19:25. Also, the bible credited to him that in all things he did not sin against God. Job 1:22. He at such critical moment, remembered his creator. No wonder his ending was better than his beginning. Read Job 42:10-end.

Take a word of prophecy – Your end will be better than your beginning, God will turn things around for your good in Jesus name – Amen. You can sing with men, I can see everything turning around……..for your good.

Child of God no matter how hurting or the low moment may be in your life whether in your working place, academics, marriage, business, name them. Please be assured that your God is not yet through with you. And more importantly, your miracle may be on the way. Do not scuttle it. What do you do at such low moments? Remember, remember your God who never disappoints. To be continued…

Ven. Ernest Onuoha
Rector, Ibru International Ecumenical Centre,
Delta State.


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