My mouth will speak in praise of the LORD. Let every creature praise His holy name forever and ever.’ Psalms 145:21. 

MOST Christians believe that praising God and being thankful is good. However, many think it is optional, something to do after they have served the Lord in other ways. But this should not be so. For praise – thanking and adoring the heavenly Father for His goodness and grace – is the highest work carried out by God’s children. It plays an important biblical role in our walk with God. Isaiah the prophet tells us: ‘the people whom I formed for myself that they might declare my praise’ (Isa. 43:21). David must have known this and it motivated him to joining in the praise of His name.

  Interestingly, the last five psalms started with praise and ended with praise. Psalm 145 was among the psalms attributed to King David as its composer. In this psalm, David emptied himself to God having been overwhelmed by his humble beginning. He could not forget in a hurry how God picked him and later made him to lead his people. Yes, he was a shepherd boy, the last of his brothers, a mere musician and a man whom God used to kill Goliath. We can also say he was an in-law to King Saul, but was soon to become an enemy, when it became clear that he would succeed him. Saul gave him no respite, as he desired repeatedly to take his life. These and more, when put together, David could no longer hide before those who cared to listen, as he said: ‘My mouth will speak in praise of the LORD’. He, therefore, called upon every creature to praise this great God.

  David saw the Lord as a great God and so nothing could compare to Him. He went ahead to list the wonders of this God, as found in the following verses of Psalm 145, note particularly 1-3, 11-13, 14-16 and 19-20. Based on these verses and more, he said ‘with my mouth I shall speak of your praise.’

  However, it is unfortunate that today, even in the community of God’s people they hardly could find something for which to appreciate or praise this God. What do we see instead? People are busy asking God for one blessing or the other. To them, coming to church is just for what they can take out of God or what He can do for them. They do not really come to appreciate or to thank but to bother Him with endless requests. Hardly could they spend some time in praising this God for what He has done for them or what He is doing not to talk of what He is yet to do. As a person, as a child of God, can you look round just a minute and find something for which you can thank God for or praise Him in your life?

  Let it be noted that some people are lucky because they are blessed with good wives, good children, they have a paying job and they have never been denied of any of their entitlements or promotions. These things and more, do they not qualify one to open up his/her mouth and speak of the praise of this God? Nigeria as a nation should be a position to continually praise God. If not for anything at least, by the mercy of God, the dreaded Ebola disease that could have spread is being curbed. Remember, Nigeria is the most populous in Africa.  If it should be hit with this disease, it means many people would die in their thousands. I want to hazard also that neighbouring African States may be ravished in no distant time. And so, to God be the glory.

Ven. Ernest Onuoha
Rector, Ibru International Ecumenical Centre,
Delta State

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