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 Ven. Ernest Onuoha‘But the serpent said to the woman, ‘you will not surely die.’ Gen. 3v4.

THE word covetousness means ‘greed’ or ‘love for material things’. Where it exists, it endangers the life of a believer, as it creates a gap between him and his Maker. It is leprous and a great sin. Therefore, it is advised that everything possible should be done to do away with it. Eve, our first mother, fell into the trap of covetousness, as one thing led to another and before she knew it, she was deceived by the serpent. The serpent had subtly said ‘you will not surely die’. On the surface, it was an attractive comment, but underneath laid destruction of life and more importantly disobedience to the Creator. ‘God had said, of all the trees in the garden you shall eat but of the tree of knowledge you shall not for the day you shall eat it, you shall die’ Gen. 2:17, 3:3.

   God’s instructions are never to be broken, but when one is motivated by greed, he or she may find himself or herself contravening the laws of God. Eve’s inability to guard against lust of the eyes brought about the great fall, which also consumed her husband, Adam. Yes, she did not only eat of the fruit of the tree, as recorded by the Bible, but also reserved some for her husband, who was weak and not self-willed as to find out the source of the fruit. He ate and thereafter, they were bundled out of the Garden of Eden. When we relate this to the story of Esau, who sold his birth right because of food, one can only but caution that believers of today should be wary of those things that may entangle them and at the end pollute their faith in God.

   Sin incidentally entices, especially when one is not on guard. It becomes more engulfing if one is attracted to it. Today, there are uncountable sources of sinful attraction to the believer, which he or she must not succumb to. From the lust of the eyes, the flesh, unguarded emotions and to pollution of one’s faith among others. Eve fell because she could not control her appetite by lust of the eyes. Remember, David also fell into this trap, when he looked from his elevated building and saw the wife of Uriah, Bathsheba bathing. Thereafter, the king lost the control of his emotion, sent for her and went into her thereby tainting the laws of God. The Bible cautioned believers thus: ‘thou shall not commit adultery’ Ex. 20:14.

   There is no doubt that the devil has dug a pit wishing that many Christians would fall into it. It is unfortunate that many have fallen into it already and the devil is having a field day. If not, how come some people are amassing wealth not only for their children, but children unborn? What for? The level of greed that has fallen upon men and women this now is something that should worry a born again child of God. Is it fashion? They are there and most annoying, they are clutching the Bible as if to say they believe in its contents. Talk of loose living, oh; it is the in-thing now, because they feel this is their time. However, no matter how we look at it, covetousness is a brother to greed and materialism brings sorrow in the end. One loses his or her peace of mind and the Bible is very blunt: ‘what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? Matt. 16:26, Mk 8:36. Let us, therefore, check ourselves and rid ourselves of the sin of covetousness.

Ven. Ernest Onuoha
Rector, Ibru International Ecumenical Centre,
Delta State.

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