SUNDAY, JULY 10, 2011




The Anglican Bishops’ and wives training school which began on June 26th ended on Wednesday July 6th with over 40 Bishops and their wives in attendance.

According to Rt. Rev. (Dr.) Abraham Akinlalu, the training may be a continuous process “since” being a bishop, one need to live above board. He said the training school was necessary because a Bishop is expected to exhibit good leadership quality both to the priest and the congregation. He opined that the Bishops’ wives also needed the training as co-partners, adviser and confidants in the work of the ministry of the Bishop.

In a sermon on Sunday at the centre’s chapel (St. Peter’s Chapel), Rt. Rev. Jeremiah Kolo in a message titled “what people say about you” admonished the Bishops and the wives to always humble themselves like Jesus did and find out what people say about them. He said they should always be opened to constructive criticism. He said since the office of the Bishop was a high and glorious energy, Bishop should develop his listening skills so as to be a good listener. According to him, this will make him a good listener.

He expressed thanks to the co-ordinator, Rt. Rev. Ken. S. E. Okeke and his wife, Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Okeke for the quality of lecturing delivered at the training school. He also used the opportunity to thank the Primate of the Church of Nigeria for allowing the Bishops’ training school.

The Bishop A. O. Ajayi who celebrated the communion at the service led prayers for the nation, church as well as individuals while Rt. Rev. Ralph Okafor took time to bless the children and student during the service. The Chaplain of the Centre Rev. Canon Gabriel Kpagban assisted in the service.

Earlier on in the week, the Archbishop of Bendel Province, Most Rev. Friday Imaekhai was at the centre to formally receive the bishops and also presented the training. Other resource persons were Bishop David Onuoha, Bishop Ogu (rtd), Bishop Popoola, Very Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Ekpuriobi and Sir Afam Anene.

Bishop Ken. S. E. Okeke and his wife Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Okeke co-ordinated the retreat on behalf of the Church of Nigeria.

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